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Eksakt Works specializes in precision CNC manufacturing services for a variety of industries & applications. We offer product development, prototype & production services to assist you in developing & producing your products.

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Our Services

With more than 20 years of machining experience, Eksakt Works provides manufacturing support for people and businesses looking to develop products and keep production lines running.

Product Development

Designing your part with production in mind is key to newly developed products. We are here to help when you have a new product idea or design and want to produce it but need help with the initial manufacturing steps. Our team has the ability to assist you with design, prints and prototyping. We utilize the latest software to help produce your parts with speed and accuracy. By working with a local company like ours you have the ability to get valuable one on one time to discuss ideas and collaborate on products.


Our ability to quickly produce prototype parts has helped us build lasting relationships with our customers. We partner with you to get your ideas off the ground and into production. If you are proving a concept for production or just producing a one-off part, our team can help guide you with confidence and experience. We take your verbal ideas, drawings, prints and/or models to partner with you in bringing your ideas to fruition.


With Eksakt Works, you gain the flexibility of having your products manufactured in just about any quantity, with the added bonus of a quick turnaround time. Our CNC machining services focus on quality, precision and attention to detail. The Eksakt team understands fit and function beyond the print, with engineer collaboration at the center of our process. We will always strive to provide quality products on time and are committed to meeting customer's requirements.

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